Fast, Complete, and Accurate Data for Public Health

Manage Data to Contain the Pandemic
Right now, public health teams are losing valuable time to data problems and Verato is offering 3 fast to access solutions:
  • Support contact tracing. Access to comprehensive person data including contact details, occupation, household relationship, and social determinants of health (SDOH).
  • Make data more complete. Records are often thin on identifying data and the addition of demographic data details, like phone number, accelerates outreach.
  • Analytics Master Person Index for Public Health. At any scale, deploy Verato Universal Master Person Index (UMPI) in weeks to support disease surveillance, epidemiology, and other public health analytics.

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Verato Supports Contact Tracing

Contact tracing demands access to comprehensive person data – in particular, contact details, but also information such as occupation, ethnicity, household, or relationship information.

The dark text in this figure represents the data many contact tracers start with, Verato lets you add the data that is captured in bright blue to make contact tracers more effective.

Data Enrichment

Verato Makes Data More Complete

Data from sources like public labs, private labs, and remote testing facilities is often thin or missing important demographic and social determinants details that department of health teams need. This gap prohibits contact and represents an urgent need.

With Verato, you can:

  • Integrate enriched data into data transmission in bulk or real-time.
  • Inject missing demographic details like phone and current last name.

Add SDOH like ethnicity or occupation. Like other types of lab data, COVID-19 test results often lack contact information.

MPI for Analytics COVID

Verato Supports Analytics

Verato Universal MPI is a cloud-based master person index that can be deployed in weeks to support epidemiology, disease surveillance, and other public health analytics:
  • AWS Native and HITRUST Certified mean fast and secure.
  • Verato Referential Matching enriches the matching process with more complete data.
  • User interface includes reference data for stewardship.
  • No ongoing tuning or configuration.

Proven and Trusted, Independently Verified

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