Webinar Recording: Why Patient Matching is Your EHR's Achilles' Heel

About this webinar:

Whether you use an EHR from Epic®, Cerner®, McKesson®, eClinicalWorks®, or another vendor, it has one fatal flaw that is costing your organization money, diminishing care quality, and preventing strategic initiatives. Every EHR struggles with patient matching, and this struggle is becoming insurmountable as organizations integrate new data sources, migrate to single EHR instances, and onboard patient data from newly acquired hospitals and clinics. Organizations are forced to either (1) suffer rising duplicate rates, which drastically impact care quality and patient safety, or (2) throw more money at an already substantial EHR investment by hiring a team to manually resolve a growing queue of potential duplicates.

Luckily, there is a cure. Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The root causes of the poor patient matching that plagues EHRs
  • How poor patient matching impacts your business and your ability to provide quality care
  • 2 quick ways to “cure” your EHR by dramatically improving its patient matching capabilities – instantly and at low cost


  • Jason Bihun, Vice President of Sales, Verato
  • Joaquim Neto, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, Verato